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About us


Animalove is a multi-blockchain, NFT-based charity project. There are many helping hands in the crypto space, while those who need that help are way more. Our vision is to become the bridge between these two. Our NFTs provide a chance to help innocent animals while giving high quality artwork with immersive stories, games and mechanisms.




Our vision is to efficiently enable people to trade their time, money, and goods to help animals in need. We have started with a small step with helping VetVan, Thailand. Apart from getting capital from NFT minting and their royalties, we have enabled direct NFT and crypto donations over multiple blockchains which will be used to speed up the work of Animalove.


CARE Token


For more technical mechanisms and long term charity, community, project and team support, we have created the $CARE token on the SGB chain. Holders of our NFTs get $CARE airdrops weekly. Holders of more than one of our collections will have $CARE multipliers added to their AD. $CARE is currently listed on the Oracle Swap DEX and there will always be collections dropping that are exclusively mintable with $CARE.

Travel Program - Completed


Lock an Ancient Alien and a Primordial Planetoid together to send them on The Journey on our travel portal. They will return after two weeks with a friend. $CARE and $SGB is needed for food and fuel respectively back and forth.It is paused for now.


DawgMoon Program - Coming Soon


Send Devoted Dwags for a Honeymoon trip (DawgMoon) on our Breeding portal. They will return after two weeks with a Puppy. $CARE and $SGB is needed for food and accomadation respectively back and forth.



More Coming Soon...


Weekly Airdrop Chart (Every Sunday)




Time to lose yourself in the endless world of imagination and creativity. Each collection is exclusive with further rarities in some of them. Rarities correspond to the weekly airdrops. $CARE isn't easy to find.


Collection I - Songbird

Coronation - 12th June

Collection II - Songbird

Coronation - 22nd June 22

Collection III - CARE Exclusive

ASCENSION - 22nd July 22

Collection IV - CARE Exclusive

FORMATION - 11th Sept 22

Collection V - Space Travel

FORMATION - 11th Oct 22

Collection VI - Space Travel

FORMATION - 21st Nov

Collection VII - Space Travel

FORMATION - 11th Dec 22

Collection VIII - Space Travel

FORMATION - 21st Dec 22

Collection IX - EvilPets

FORMATION - 2nd Jan 22

Collection X - Devoted Dawgs

FORMATION - 13th Mar 23


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